Study Buddy

Extra help for students…
No extra work for teachers!

Study Buddy transforms attitudes of struggling students. They gain confidence and self-esteem with personalized learning.

Study Buddy helps students learn at their own pace with:

• Multimedia instruction
• Practice with guided feedback
• Test mode with “Review Mistakes”
• Progress report to show scores.

Study Buddies last for 10 years or more.

Cooperative Learning

Self-Paced Study

Study Buddy Video

Teacher Guide

5 expanded learning strategies
and supportive research.

Parent Guide (English & Español)

How parents can help their children
and support family literacy.

Order Form

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discounts and cartridge selection.

No Wifi, No Problem!

Software cartridges hold animations
and 1,000 questions with feedback.
Scores can be exported with
Study Buddy Grade Book.

“It tells me why I’m wrong and how to get it right!”

Every student who used Study Buddy passes our state test! They are the most popular tool in our resource center. We use them for take-home programs.”
– Carolyn Grooms, Parent Liaison

Virtual Study Buddy