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Study Buddy

The handy device

that reaches effective learning through multimedia
Instruction & guided feedback

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Motivating, fun &
successfull learning

At home, all are

Promote the family literacy and allow
parents to understand what challenges their children!

Different ways for
different students

Bring different strategies depending on each student’s learning style.

Anywhere &

Allow your students to learn no matter where they are with our handy and free- internet system device.
Should be Wi-Fi-Free internet system device.

The educational

tool for teachers,

parents, and


Study Buddy is a dedicated-purpose teaching and learning mobile device. This teacher-tested device works with cartridges for each subject and does not require an internet connection. Remember that all our educational resources (HSE, Pathfinders, Mechanics & Achiever!) can be delivered on this mobile device!

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Effective learning

for all

Study Buddy help students learn at
their own pace with the following:


  • Software cartridges with animations explaining each
    basic concept.

Practice with guided

  • Learners receive instant feedback that shows them how to
    reach the correct answer.

Test mode with “Review

  • Students can push a button at the end of the lesson to see where they failed and learn how to correct it.

Progress report to show

  • Scores can be exported with our Study Buddy Grade Book. Tracking has never been so easy!

Self-paced study causes students to be “active learners”. They know why their answers are wrong and see the steps to find solutions on their own. When students realize they have the power to help themselves, they gain confidence and are eager to learn. This is “authentic engagement”.

  • Academic Benefits
  • Gives differentiated instruction.
  • Accommodates many learning styles.
  • Immediate feedback stimulates higher achievement.
  • Behavioral Benefits
  • “Hands-on” learning engages students.
  • Increased confidence increases the desire to learn.
  • Relieves peer pressure.
  • Decreases classroom disruptions.

Research Citation

“Students respond immediately to change in instruction. They begin to accelerate their rates of learning if they are taught in a way they want to be taught.”

– Marzano and Pickering, Assessing Student Outcomes.

Supporting Kagan’s Principles
Classroom size is reduced. Students build higher level
thinking skills as they explain solutions to each other.

  • Academic Benefits
  • Improves students’ efforts to achieve.
  • Material is remembered longer.
  • Higher level reasoning is used more.
  • Behavioral Benefits
  • Improves students’ interpersonal relationships.
  • Students tend to like each other better,
    including groups of able-bodied students and students with disabilities,
    and groups of students with different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Students tend to have a higher regard for teachers, school, and the subjects they study.

Research Citation

“36 studies concluded that students taking part in peer tutoring spent more time on task, showed better social skills, expressed more motivation and less frustration. “Peer Tutoring’s Potential to Boost IQ Intrigues Educators, Education Week, Vol 27, No 6 October 3, 2007.

“Of all classroom grouping strategies, cooperative learning may be the most flexible and powerful.”

– Marzano, Pickering & Pollock 2001

Students love to learn from someone just a couple of years older! Tutor programs with adult volunteers are productive. When tutors need more practice with academic concepts, the solutions and answers are in the Study Buddy.

  • Academic Benefits
  • Adult tutors can help explain the feedback.
  • Older students reinforce their own skills.
  • Younger students often relate to older students more positively than to adults.
  • Behavioral Benefits
  • Students experience greater acceptance by peers.
  • Students gain a more positive belief about their ability to succeed in school.
  • Herrera, DuBois, Grossman, The Role of Risk:
    Mentoring experiences and outcomes for youth with
    risk profiles.

Research Citation

“Students who meet regularly with mentors are 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school and 46% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs.”

– (Public/Private Ventures study of Big Brothers Big Sisters).

Most parents want to help, but they don’t know where to start. Parents of any educational background participate actively and productively. Parents can begin by simply viewing scores on the Study Buddy’s Progress Report, and providing praise. The next step is viewing lessons on their own to learn and understand what their children are learning. A final option is for parents and students to read and discuss questions and solutions. .

  • Academic Benefits
  • Promotes family literacy.
  • Boosts student achievement.
  • Provides a shared focus between the school and parents.
  • Behavioral Benefits
  • Parents know what is being studied in school.
  • Parents understand what challenges their children.
  • Eliminates confrontations over parents’ homework help.
  • Provides “good public relations” with parents

Research Citation

“Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance, and are more likely to complete high school than students whose parents are not involved in their school.”

– Parental Involvement in Schools, Child Trends Data Bank

Teacher Instruction Guide
Parents Instruction guide

Brainchild’s patented learning process allows
students to help themselves

• Play multimedia lesson

Students can reproduce a one-minute lesson based on selected content.

• Study with immediate feedback

Learners can receive an instant
message that tells them why they
are wrong and how to get it right.

• Test to track progress

Obtain results of periodic
tests performed to
measure progress.

Media Reader

Complete this educational device with our Media Reader.

Load PDF Documents & MP4 Files in a cartridge, and play them on the Study Buddy.

Achieve greater student engagement through innovative learning tools!

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Study Buddies:

  • Last for 10 years or more
  • Have 5″ LED touchscreen
  • Have USB connection

 Our Study Buddy is adaptable to any

learning style

Struggling Learners are easily embarrassed. They appreciate private instruction that does not show others they are having problems.

These learners are frustrated easily and must receive instruction in as many ways as possible. Study Buddy allows them to play a lesson as many times as they need to interiorize a lesson.

Visual Learners learn through seeing and prefer written or visual materials such as pictures and charts. They become confused when doing such things as changing percentages to decimals, then multiplying.

These learners must see the process. Animations in Study Buddy let them “see” the solution. The feedback for answers allows them to see how they can find the solution.

Auditory Learners learn through listening via discussions and hearing information.

Study Buddy small group or paired instruction lets them participate in discussions about questions and solutions. Multimedia instruction allows them to hear the information they need to know.

Kinesthetic Learners learn by doing, and prefer a hands-on approach. Movement, music in the background, and lots of activities work well for this style of learner.

They donʼt like sitting in a formal classroom desk arrangement. For these learners working in small groups or teams is a supportive activity.

Remember… Students learn better when all these stimuli are combined.

The best of all is that Study Buddy provides all of them!

Virtual Study Buddy Demo

Check out what our clients are saying about our Study Buddy

I have a student that just passed his GED Social Studies test & he used the Study Buddy every day before he tested. He started at the beginning and went through all of the lessons & tests. If he made below a 90, he would go back and redo the lesson and or test. He would tell me every day at the end of class, “This is just what I need”.

Windham School District / Dalhart Campus

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What do teachers use Study Buddy for?2022-10-20T20:40:24+00:00

Teachers can provide extra help to students who are far behind their peers and reduce classroom size with small Study Buddy learning groups. Additionally, they re-teach essential basic skills and provide differentiated instruction on Common Core and state standards.

What is in a Study Buddy software cartridge?2022-10-20T20:42:40+00:00

About 1,000 question items with feedback and a teaching animation for each lesson

How do we get reports?2022-11-24T11:15:33+00:00

Teachers and parents are allowed to review tracking student progress with the Study Buddy Gradebook software by following the following steps:

  • Use a USB cable to connect Study Buddy to your computer.
  • Import scores and learning time.
  • Print report cards to show student progress on your state standards and lessons.
  • Keep the scores on the cartridges.
  • Assign a cartridge to a student with the Study Buddy Gradebook software.

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