Correctional Education / Juvenile justice

Correctional Education for re-entry success

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Correctional Education / Juvenile justice

Education for re-entry success

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Educational programs that increase GED & HiSET pass rates

Foster enhanced learning outcomes and student engagement by discovering a more efficient pedagogy.

Enhance educational opportunities and support rehabilitation initiatives with a cutting-edge learning technology.

Boost student motivation through the integration of innovative learning technologies.

Discover our alternative
education pedagogy

Embracing the proven impact of correctional education programs in reducing recidivism rates and enhancing post-release employment opportunities, our initiative is committed to cultivating an environment that inspires positive transformation.

Enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your adult students through an initiative that transcends conventional educational approaches. You can shape a correctional environment that not only elevates academic performance but also lays the foundation for an improved trajectory post-release.

Meet the Study Buddy

Study Buddy is a dedicated-purpose teaching and learning mobile device. This teacher-tested device works with cartridges for each subject and does not require an internet connection.

Remember that all of our educational resources (High School Equivalency, Pathfinders, Mechanics & Achiever!) can be delivered on this mobile device!

Secure Charge Kit

This kit ensures the security of your device and provides peace of mind, allowing your inmates to focus on their studies without worrying about potential tampering or unauthorized usage. It includes:

1. Adapter: The kit includes an adapter that allows you to convert the USB-C connector into a unique plug, making it incompatible with unauthorized devices.

2. Clear Acrylic Cover: A clear acrylic cover is included, securely “super-glued” into the body of the Study Buddy. This cover acts as an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the charging port remains tamper-proof.

3. New Charger: Alongside the adapter and cover, we provide a charger designed exclusively for your Study Buddy. This charger has limited value for charging other devices, so you can have peace of mind knowing that it won’t be used for unauthorized purposes.

Correctional Education Digital Brochure

Effective learning

for all

Study Buddy help tudents learn at
their own pace with the following:

Effective learning for all!

Study Buddy helps students learn at their own pace with:


  • Software cartridges with animations explaining each
    basic concept.

Practice with guided

  • Learners receive instant feedback that shows them how to
    reach the correct answer.

Test mode with “Review

  • Students can push a button at the end of the lesson to see where they failed and learn how to correct it.

Progress report to show

  • Scores can be exported with our Study Buddy Grade Book. Tracking has never been so easy!

Brainchild’s patented learning process empowers students to guide their own learning.

• Play multimedia lesson

Students can reproduce a one-minute lesson based on selected content.

• Study with immediate feedback

Learners can receive an instant
message that tells them why they
are wrong and how to get it right.

• Test to track progress

Obtain results of periodic
tests performed to
measure progress.

Virtual Study Buddy

Which educational resources align with the Correctional Education initiative?


Mechanics is a bilingual program for re-teaching essential foundation skills that should have been mastered in grades 1 through 8 in math, reading, writing, and vocabulary.

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High School Equivalency

Our HiSET & GED programs help your students to prepare for High School equivalency tests. They include focused instruction in math, language arts, science, and social studies that help to increase the first-time pass rate.

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Pathfinders is an educational resource that offers 300+ lessons numbered by Adult CCR standards in the three core subject areas: Reading, Language, and Mathematics.

Students master Pathfinders Level 3, then can move to Brainchild’s high school equivalency programs.

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Meet Our Satisfied Clients

“Our students here at Brevard Adult and Community Center have enjoyed using the Study Buddies. Many students have successfully completed lessons/questions, which in turn boosts their confidence. Study Buddies have been used to review skills before our students have taken the GED tests. We are pleased to have them in our classroom as another resource to help our students reach their goals.”

-Program Coordinator at Brevard Adult and Community Center.

Our success stories
Our success stories

Bring a greater correctional environment and encourage your students to score higher with an autonomous & tailored preparation.

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