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Bilingual programs allow English learners (EL) to meet the second language. proficiency and achieve the same challenging state academic standards that other students are expected to meet.

The state educational agency (SEA), LEAs, and schools are accountable for increasing EL students’ English skills and core academic content knowledge. This program brings the academic foundations necessary to achieve life goals.

The best alternative for English learners!


Mechanics is a bilingual program for re-teaching essential foundation skills that should have been mastered in grades 1 through 8 in math, reading, writing, and vocabulary.

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Study Buddy, the way students learn better!

Meet our internet-free system device: Study buddy, the most requested by schools to support English second language learners.

Educators report that Study Buddy:

  • Engage students more than any other program: It allows them to enhance their self-esteem, growth, and progress. Motivation is the first step to success!
  • Help students learn more: They learn with guided feedback by receiving an instant review that tells them why they are wrong and how to get it right.
  • Improve attitudes dramatically: Students receive greater personal and employment opportunities for the future.

Brainchild’s patented learning process allows students to help themselves:

  • Play multimedia lesson
  • Study with immediate feedback
  • Test to track progress
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“As part of a Title III bilingual program initiative we have implemented the Brainchild Study Buddy program successfully in over 30 Miami-Dade Public Schools as a resource for students learning English as a second language. The format makes it fun to learn concepts that would normally not be so appealing to them. Students look forward to using the program and taking ownership of their learning.”

District Supervisor for Instructional Support

Give your students the right tools for mastering their second language!

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