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that empowers every student to
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Strengthen K-8

Education with Achiever!

ready for
state test

Provide tools to your students that let them perform better & score higher on their state assessments.

Set the goal

Allow your learners to establish academic objectives for growth and progress.

Save money
& time

Implement an autonomous learning process that saves teachers’ time and increases student achievement.

Enable them to study better & score higher!

Achiever is a proven, evidenced-based preparation program for grades 1-8. It provides data-driven instruction for mastery of standards in Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies with personal learning plans for every student.

Even better… Achiever! is a Continuous School Improvement Model that can be student-directed, or teachers can make standards-based assignments.

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K-8 effective


used for:

  • Special Education Programs
  • ESL/ELL Environments
  • Title IV After-School Activities

State-specific preparation program for grades K-8

Data-driven instruction specific to each state and aligned for standards mastery in Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies.

Real-time reports
track progress

  • Student Report: Share with parents to show progress and time on task for each standard.
  • Classroom Report: Adjustable for class or individual instruction.
  • School-Wide Reports: A variety of reports shows strengths and areas that need attention.

Brainchild’s patented learning process allows
students to help themselves

• Play multimedia lesson

Students can reproduce a one-minute lesson based on selected content.

• Study with immediate feedback

Learners can receive an instant
message that tells them why they
are wrong and how to get it right.

• Test to track progress

Obtain results of periodic
tests performed to
measure progress.

Achiever! is available in the
online version & in our
Study Buddy handy device

that works with cartridges!

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Check out what our clients are saying about doing Prep Classes with Achiever!

“After documenting higher student achievement in just 6 weeks over the summer, we implemented Achiever in 10 schools year-round.”

– Mandy Watkins, V.P. ACE Program

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How many questions per subject includes?2022-11-24T10:47:28+00:00

Per subject, you can find 1.000 questions. Each one of them includes animations and immediate feedback.

Do teachers have the possibility to assign homework through Achiever!?2022-11-24T10:48:35+00:00

Yes! Teachers can designate students’ homework depending on what they need to strengthen in a personalized way. Make them the best for the state assessments!

Do the parents have access to the scores?2022-11-24T10:53:03+00:00

Study Buddy also includes Progress tracking feature in which parents can quickly use to check the results and monitor test scores and usage.

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