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Exceptional Results for Exceptional Students

Educational resources for IDEA Programs and IEPs

Leveraging Assistive Technology

Offer step-by-step lessons with immediate feedback

Provide independent, self-paced practice

Choose engaging delivery options


“We’ve seen significant student gains overall, with outstanding gains for our Special Ed and LEP students.”


Flexible Content Delivery

Brainchild content is available online or on a wifi-free handheld device.
No matter the setup of your program, our content is available to suit your needs.

Lessons are grouped in 3 Levels instead of grades to keep students motivated. Struggling learners start low, gain confidence through simple concepts, and work their way up. Check out the scope and sequences to view the huge amount of lessons in this series.

• Special Education
• Migrant & ELL Programs
• Pre-GED
• RTI Programs

Mechanics reads to students to
– help struggling readers.
– help ELL students with pronunciation.

3-Steps Transform Learning

Brainchild employs a patented, evidence-based pedagogy to help discouraged learners succeed

A one-minute multimedia lesson demonstrates the concept

Ten randomized questions provide guided practice with step-by-step feedback

Measure progress and provide correctional instruction for mistakes


Success Stories

Positive impacts for students, parents, teachers, and administrators

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