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Study Buddy
The handy device

that reaches effective learning through
multimedia instruction & guided feedback.

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Motivating, fun & successful learning

At home, all are learners

Promote the family literacy and allow parents to understand what challenges their children!

Different ways for different students

Bring different strategies depending on each student’s learning style.

Anywhere & Anytime

Allow your students to learn no matter where they are with our handy and free- internet system device.

Support student growth and goal achievement

Enhance adult academic performance and life opportunities

young students
to achieve
state standard

Engage every student and reach effective learning

The educational tool
for teachers, parents,
and students!



High School Equivalency

Adult learners increase GED® & HiSET pass rates with Brainchild.

Help your students to find their strengths and weaknesses quickly and on their own.

Allow them to enhance stronger professional skills!

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A proven, evidence-based preparation program for K – 8 built from each state’s standards.

Take advantage of the real-time reports track progress available for teachers and parents to measure the student’s performance.

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Perfectly aligned instruction to TABE & CASAS locator tests.

Guide your students through experiential and self-directed learning!

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Help at-risk students to close academic gaps through self-paced study.

Give them extra time to learn at their own pace and the right tools to catch up to their peers!

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Teachers Instruction Guide
Parents Instruction Guide

• Play multimedia lesson

Students can reproduce a one-minute lesson based on selected content.

• Study with immediate feedback

Learners can receive an instant
message that tells them why they
are wrong and how to get it right.

• Test to track progress

Obtain results of periodic
tests performed to
measure progress.

Study Buddy

The handheld device for motivating learning

This tool offers multiple independent learning strategies and promotes literacy.

Study buddy works along with software cartridges that hold animation with no Wi-Fi connection.

All our educational resources (HSE, Pathfinders, Mechanics & Achiever!) can be delivered on this mobile device!

Help your students learn at their own pace with the following:

· Multimedia instruction
· Practice with guided feedback
· Test mode with “Review Mistakes”
· Progress report to show scores

Give your students an autonomous way to learn!

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Detailed tracking tool. This option allows you to do the following:

  • Assign a cartridge to a student
  • Measure time spent on tasks
  • Create score reports

Gradebook Instruction Guide


Media Reader

Load PDF Documents & MP4 Files in a cartridge, and play them on the Study Buddy.

Achieve greater student engagement through innovative learning tools!

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Improve the quality of your students’ education and guide them to a better future.

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