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It is amazing to look back and realize the tremendous changes that we have lived through in education. 30 years ago, when Brainchild was founded, education was different. Granted, educators’ passion has not changed. If anything, it has grown. But the learning tools we use have evolved. And so are our methods.

See, when we started Brainchild, computer use was limited. Our founder, Jeff Cameron, came from a video production background. He realized that there was a need for more personalized learning, just as intense research was being done around the world into how to better engage students.

Several tries and a patent later, the Personal Learning System or PLS, was born. A little device that has gone through several iterations and has sold thousands upon thousands of units.

However, the real innovation is in the way students are engaged in their own learning. In how they are given agency to make decisions. Feel and see progress and attain the kind of results that makes them proud of themselves.

We have used the PLS, now known as Study Buddy™ to immense success. However, early on, we realized that we could reach more people by delivering our content using other media. CD-ROMs came first, but we adopted the web as soon as it was feasible.

The constant: our methodology, excellence in content, and commitment to help disadvantaged students.

Here lies the engine behind everything we do. We believe that every student can reach their own potential. We want to be part of their growth while enjoying seeing them achieve their goals.

For teachers, we are their partners. For students, an engaging way to learn.
We cannot wait to see what the next 30 years will look like.

Welcome to Brainchild, welcome to Brainspire!

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