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Success Stories


Use Study Buddies for all students that need extra assistance with their practice lessons. 


100 Study Buddies were distributed, and teachers reported that they were ease to use hands on, and the students took to them quickly. 


Students were aided by the Study Buddy, specifically in the Math, Reading, and Writing subjects, as they came with 8 different levels of learning for students of all ages. 

“When Brainchild asked me if I wanted to be a part of their Webinar I jumped at the opportunity. I had just conducted a survey at my October Fall meeting of my ESL itinerant teachers and know that “The Study Buddies” are being accepted and most importantly, they’re being utilized by the students to enhance their learning and practice their lessons at their own pace with instant feedback. I needed to make certain that my investment was well worth it. The following are five questions which I post to my staff after distributing 100 Study Buddies within the district at the elementary, middle and high school levels.” 

Dr. Martha A. Zúñiga
Bilingual/ESL District Coordinator

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