OAK grove Elementary School

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657 Students, Grades 3-5. Hoping To Improve School Rating From C To At Least B Or Possibly A

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Success Stories


In 2010, Oak Grove Elementary was rated a C school and aimed to raise that rating.  


After Ms. Lark (3rd grade teacher) was convinced of the need for higher achievement of her students on the FCAT, she personally purchased Brainchild’s web-based Achiever! to enhance comprehension and student’s scores.


After 2011, FCAT 2.0 scores were in, Oak Grove Elementary was just 9 points shy of an A rating.  

“I truly believe that our students here at Oak Grove Elementary School excelled on the 2.0 FCAT because of the tremendous assistance and cooperation from Brainchild Achiever! and your wonderful staff. Thanks to your team, WE DID IT!”  

Joyce Lark

Third Grade Teacher  

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