Children’s Village Academy

Meeting educational goals along with Achiever!

150 Students In Small Town North Carolina

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Success Stories


Looking to meet AYP targets consistently.  


Use Brainchild’s EOG Achiever! online assessment and instruction program to help meet education targets.


13 out of 13 AYP targets were met and three-year trend shows improved performance for end-of-grade math tests.  

“For those third grade students who were required to attend summer school in conjunction with the No Child Left Behind initiative, EOG Achiever! was a Godsend – Through daily use of EOG Achiever! they all passed their test and will advance to their next grade level. Our staff is totally elated and will continue to give Brainchild high marks for the substantial part it has played in our programs.”  

Cynthia Williams

Testing and Curriculum Coordinator  

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