Beach Elementary School

Awesomes educational resources to improve the Quality Distribution Index!

2010-2014 Used Both Achiever! And Study Buddies

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Success Stories


School needed to improve its QDI (Quality Distribution Index), which is one of three ways schools are rated in the state of Mississippi. 


Implement Brainchild’s Achiever! for online assessment and data driven instruction. Use Study Buddies for personalized instruction of struggling learners.


A rating in 2013, compared with a B rating 2 years prior. 

QDI in 2011
QDI in 2012

“With our teachers’ hard work, the one change to explain our improvement is the focused effort we made implementing Brainchild’s tools. In reviewing state test scores, students do as well on the state test as they perform on Brainchild’s software – the correlation is that close!! 

Principal Hunter has referred multiple schools to Brainchild’s program 

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