HiSET Lessons

Mastery of these lessons is a powerful indicator of HiSET success.

Each cartridge contains over 1,000 HiSET questions and solutions!


Numbers & Operations
Order of operations
Laws of exponents
Scientific notation
Real-world multi-step problems
Operations with rational numbers
Compute percents
Square root expressions

Measurement & Geometry

Similarity & congruency
Polygons & circles
Angle measure
Pythagorean Theorem
Area & volume

Data Analysis/Probability

Graphs & charts
Line of best fit
Simple and compound probability
Measures of center

Algebraic Concepts

Evaluate expressions
Solve equations
Systems of equations
Linear equations & inequalities
Quadratic equations
Functions & relations
Domain & range
Ratios & Proportions
Rate of change (from a graph)

Language Arts

Reading Comprehension
Understand restatements
Word meanings in context
Inference & Interpretation
Make inferences from text
Infertraits & feelings of characters
Interpret nonliteral language


Determine main idea
Author’s purpose
Fact vs. opinion

Synthesis & Generalization

Draw conclusions
Make predictions
Compare and contrast

Writing Conventions

Recognize verbs, pronouns, modifiers
Maintain grammatical agreement
Correct fragments and run-ons


Life Science
Ecosystems & food webs
Life cycles & metamorphosis
The matter cycle
Interdependence of organisms
Living systems’ structure & function
Human body systems

Physical Science

Recognize observable properties
Position & motion of objects
Principles of heat, light, electricity
Principles of matter
Atomic structure
Chemical reactions

Earth Science

Earth’s systems & spheres
Tectonic Plates
The water cycle
Weather & climate
Earth in space
Solar system
Stars & the universe

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