TABE & CASAS Self-Paced Instruction

300 Lessons aligned to TABE and CASAS

Pathfinders offers 300 lessons numbered by Adult CCR standards in the three core subject areas: Reading, Language, and Mathematics.
Students master Pathfinders Level 3, then can move to Brainchild’s high school equivalency programs.

EFL Levels TABE CASAS Pathfinders
Beginning Basic E B Level 1
Low Intermediate M C Level 2
Middle-High Intermediate D D Level 3
Adult Secondary See GED

So easy to use!

Students just log in and choose a subject.


Choose a lesson from the Personal Learning Plan. Each lesson is numbered by Adult CCR standard.

Operation & Algebraic Thinking Pre Test Post Test
2.OA.1 Solve 2 Step Word Problems 50% 90%
2.OA.2 Represent 2-Step Word Problems 40% 100%
3.OA.3 Multiply & Divide to 100 50% 90%
3.OA.3 Model Multiplication & Division 55% 85%
3.OA.4 Fact Families 90%
3.OA.5 Properties of Multiplication
3.OA.8 Represent 2-Step Word Problems
3.OA.9 Patterns

Play Lesson

teaches the concept with a one-minute video.


Gives guided practice with immediate feedback.


Measures progress when the student is ready.

How Adults Learn the Best

Knowles’ 5 Principles*
  • The learning is self-directed.
  • They have freedom to learn their own way.
  • The process is positive and encouraging.
  • They understand why it is important.
  • The learning is experiential.

How Adults Learn on Pathfinders

Follow the Personal Learning Plan
  • Choose a lesson
  • Watch multimedia instruction
  • Study” with immediate feedback
  • Test to measure progress

Teacher Features

  • Print worksheets with answer keys (not disposable like workbooks).
  • View real-time student and classroom reports to see measurable gains.
  • Group instruction option is used with video projectors.

Pathfinders on Study Buddy

Study Buddies offer the benefits of computer interactive instruction anytime, anywhere, with no need for the Internet. Study Buddy helps students learn at their own pace with:

  • Multimedia instruction
  • Practice with guided feedback
  • Test mode with “Review Mistakes”
  • Progress report to show scores.
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Reading instruction lets students master reading concepts one at a time. Comprehension is enhanced by breaking subjects into easily absorbed pieces.

Level 1 Reading (TABE E)

Key Details
Main Idea
Author’s Purpose
Cause & Effeect
Text Features
Words in Context
Prefixes & Suffixes

Level 2 Reading (TABE M)

 Key Details
Main Idea
Author’s Purpose
Making Inferences
Point of View
Graphic Features’
Words in Context

Level 3 Reading (TABE D)

Key Details
Author’s Purpose
Point of View
Graphic Features
Words in Context
Figurative Language

Language instruction teaches communication skills necessary for success on the job and in daily life.

Level 1 Language (TABE E)

Grammar & Usage
Adjectives & Adverbs
Irregular Nouns
Irregular Verbs
Pronouns & Antecedents
Reflexive Pronouns
Sentence Structure
Simple Verb Tenses

Punctuation & Capitalization
Commas (Greeetings and Addresses)
Contractions & Possessives
Quotation Marks

Level 2 Language (TABE M)

Grammar & Usage
Coordinating Conjunctions
Correlative Conjunctions
Fragments & Run-Ons
Order Adjectives
Relative Pronouns
Verb Tenses – Perfect
Verb Tenses – Progressive

Punctuation & Capitalization
Commas (Items in series)
Quotation Marks
Root Words

Level 3 Language (TABE D)

Grammar & Usage
Active & Passive Voice
Fragments & Run-Ons
Misplaced Modifiers
Pronoun Forms
Pronouns & Antecedents
Verb Moods

Punctuation & Capitalization
Commas (with Conjunctions)
Parentheses & Dashes

No Wifi, No Problem! 

Software is on cartridges.Study Buddy does not use WiFi.

Adult math instruction emphasizes making computations with various measurements of time, distances, weight, commissions and percents, and concepts of angles and geometry.

Level 1 Math (TABE E)

Number & Operations in Base Ten
Place Value
Estimation & Rounding
Read-Write Numbers
Compare Numbers
Skip Counting
Add-Subtract to 1,000
Multiply by Tens

Number & Operations-Fractions
Represent Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Compare Fractions
Fractions on Number Lines
Operations & Algebraic Thinking
Fact Families
Model Multiplication & Division
Multiply-Divide to 100
Properties of Multiplication
Represent 2-Step Word Problems
Solve Two-Step Word Problems

Measurement & Data
Area with Operations
Measure Difference
Weight & Capacity
Tell Time
Elapsed Time
Line Plots
Graphs & Charts

Classify Shapes
Parts of a Whole
Partition Shapes

Level 2 Math (TABE M)

Number & Operations in Base Ten
Place Value
Read-Write Decimals
Add-Subtract Multi-Digits
Add-Subtract Decimals
Multiply Multi-Digits
Divide Multi-Digits
Estimation & Rounding

Number & Operations-Fractions
Greatest Common Factors
Decompose Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Add-Subtract Fractions
Multiply Fractions
Divide Fractions

Operations & Algebraic Thinking
Fact Families
Factor Pairs
Solve Word Problems
Parentheses & Brackets

Measurement & Data
Area and Perimeter
Angle Concepts
Protractor Measurements
Line Plots
Unit Rates

Expressions & Equations
Equivalent Expressions
Evaluate Expressions
Properties of Operations
Solve Equations
Write Expressions

2D FIgures
Coordinate Geometry
Line and Angle Terms
Surface Area of Nets

Level 3 Math (TABE D)

The Number System
Compare Irrational Numbers
Add Signed Numbers
Multiply Signed Numbers
Number Lines with Integers

Expressions & Equations
Scientific Notation
Square & Cube Roots
Integer Exponents
Real Life Problems
Solve-Graph Inequalities
Graph Proportional Relationships

Compare Functions
Functions & Relations
Linear-Nonlinear Graphs
Rate of Change

Ratios & Proportional Relations
Compute Percents
Percent Increase
Ratios & Proportions
Ratios with Fractions

Statistics & Probability
Compound Probability
Multiple Random Samples
Patterns of Association
Bivariate Data
Two-Way Tables
Scatter Plots

Area-Volume Dimensions
Circle Measurements
Complementary Angles
Pythagorean Theorem
Scale Drawings