Basic Skills Intervention for At-Risk Students


Essential Foundations for At-Risk Students

Students enter at any level work up at their own pace

Math Scope & Sequence

Level 1

Grades 1-3

Add-Subtract Whole Numbers

Addition to 20
Subtraction Under 20
Addition Fact Families
Add with Regrouping
Subtract with Regrouping

Multiply-Divide Whole Numbers

Basic Division
Basic Multiplication
Multiplication Fact Families
Long Division
Multiply with Regrouping

Basic Functions

Represent Fractions (models)
Represent Fractions
Add Like Denominators
Add Unlike Denominators

Measurement & Geometry

2D Figures
Area with Tiles
Measure Length
Tell Time
Count Money

Level 2

Grades 3-5


Place Value
Add or Subtract
Multiply and Divide
Compare Fractions & Decimals


Equivalent Forms
Percent of a Number
Commissions and Interest

Advanced Fractions

Add-Subtract Mixed Fractions
Divide Fractions
Divide Mixed Numbers
Multiply Fractions
Multiply Mixed Numbers

Measurement & Geometry

3D Figures
Area and Perimeter
Symmetry and Similarity
Lines and Angles
Coordinate Geometry, 1st Quad
Elapsed Time

Level 3

Grades 6-8

Numbers and Operations

Integer Operations
Square Roots
Order of Operations
Rations & Proportions
Percent Increase

Data and Probability

Graphs and Charts
Central Tendency
Compound Probability


Patterns & Functions
Write Expressions
One-Step Equations
Two-Step Equations
Simplify Expressions

Measurement & Geometry

Nets and Solids
Area and Volume Formulas
Similarity and Congruency
Coordinate Geometry, 4 Quads
Pythagorean Theorem

Flexible Content Delivery

Brainchild content is available online or on a wifi-free handheld device.
No matter the setup of your program, our content is available to suit your needs.

Lessons are grouped in 3 Levels instead of grades to keep students motivated. Struggling learners start low, gain confidence through simple concepts, and work their way up. Check out the scope and sequences to view the huge amount of lessons in this series.

• Special Education
• Migrant & ELL Programs
• Pre-GED
• RTI Programs

Mechanics reads to students to
– help struggling readers.
– help ELL students with pronunciation.

3-Steps Transform Learning

Brainchild employs a patented, evidence-based pedagogy to help discouraged learners succeed

A one-minute multimedia lesson demonstrates the concept

Ten randomized questions provide guided practice with step-by-step feedback

Measure progress and provide correctional instruction for mistakes


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