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Combatting student

learning loss during the

holiday season?

Empower your students to experience continuous learning throughout the holidays.

Provide special incentives to motivate your students to reach their academic milestones.

Equip students with the ideal tools for self-paced study.

During this holiday season, maintaining uninterrupted learning for students is paramount. To address this challenge, we’ve developed a solution tailored to counter learning loss. Enjoy your software cartridge special, meticulously designed to bolster both educators and learners in their academic journey.

Let your students learn no

matter where they are

with one of our 3 cartridge


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Unlock a special incentive for students mastering 10 or more lessons in their holiday learning plan. Additionally, we’re delighted to provide Certificates of Completion for teachers to utilize.

“I fully enjoy using Brainchild Mechanics as a base or starting point for my students. Most of my students are 1 or 2 grades behind their normal grade level. In closing, my students have been able to show growth on their STAAR test, and some have even passed STAAR. I truly feel that Brainchild had a significant place in my students achieving that goal.”

– Dorothur “Dot” O’DonnellHeritage Elementary-Special Education

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Every student who used Study Buddy passes our state test! They are the most popular tool in our resource center. We use them for take-home programs.”

– Carolyn Grooms, Parent Liaison

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